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Meet the Feast of Tabernacles VA 2018 Administrators

Lee Miller

Senior Administrator and
              Chief bottle washer

Jackie Miller

Wife of chief bottle washer

Mark Matthews

Deputy Administrator and
              Back-up bottle washer

Susan Matthews

Wife of back-up bottle washer

Rick Blankenship

Deputy Administrator and
              Keeper of the bottles

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision appears to be blurry at times. Putting together multiple teams to bring forth a Feast of Tabernacles celebration is more than just teamwork: It's practically a miracle!

More than a bunch of pretty faces, our core team has been working together for more than 12 years, as administrators helping to organize one of the largest independent Feast of Tabernacles sites in the nation, Season of our Joy (sooj.org).

Starting out small, with Lee leading Praise and Worship, Jackie leading signing, Mark running sound (and later playing drums), and Susan running PowerPoint, we got our feet wet in learning what it took to get the job done at a very simplistic level.

As time went on, Rick Blankenship (of Grafted In Fellowship) joined us and brings a wealth of talent and experience to the management team.

Eventually, we built a team that totaled over 30 people playing & singing, signing, setting up audio and video systems, running audio, running video, running computers & networking, PowerPoint, running social media, and broadcasting Sukkot messages LIVE on the Internet.

When the Call came that we should take what we had learned and begin applying it here in Virginia (VA), we were very excited about getting started and now, here we are ready to Make it Happen!

While the people who are serving here using the gifts they have been given by our Heavenly Father might be different, the rest of the process is the same. Like we say at House of David Fellowship, it's upside down. Let the one who wants to be great and lead the rest become servant of all. So everybody has a shot!

So while our core team might be small today, we look forward to growing and becoming a feast site that can welcome not only those who have been walking in "The Way" for years and years, but also those whose eyes are just now having the scales lifted off of them!

So, if the Feast of Tabernacles VA celebration looks like something you would be interested in attending and serving at, please register and let us know where you would like to serve. What an EXCELLENT opportunity to bless so many in the body of Messiah.